About Me

Well, some would say I’m crazy, others would say I’m a sweet heart. I say normal is boring, so if being crazy and sweet is what they say I am, I guess it just may be true. I’m a little O.C.D.- okay maybe a lot. But who’s judging? I tend to learn the hard way. My children seem to be following in my footsteps as far as that aspect is concerned.

Let’s get to the facts. I’m 40 yrs old. On my 3rd marriage- yes 3rd. No i didn’t marry young. Found my jr. high sweetheart at the age of 24 and married him after being back together for 3 months in hopes it would be the young and fun love. Hey, when he admitted he was an alcoholic I thought woohoo, step 1 down… I CAN fix him. (WRONG!!!) Next up is the Narcissist. There’s entirely too much to even touch base here. Last, BEST and FOREVER from here on out is my current husband, Patrick. At our wedding my mom cried, hugged me and said she thinks we are soulmates. For MY mom to say something like that, she must have been pretty impressed. We’ll just say we have never fought, we tell each other everything and our marriage makes our children and most of our friends sick. Isn’t that what most couples shoot for as a marriage?


I have 4 children of my own.¬† Austin is 24 and has a wonderful girlfriend-Cassidy. Zach is 19,¬† his sweetheart of a girlfriend is Faith and they blessed us with our beautiful granddaughter Elena. Next up is Azlan, 14 and learning about life with out technology at the moment. Finally I was given what I wanted, a daughter- Miss Ivy Le’Faye. 12 going on 25, some days I used to swear I would put her back for 2 more boys. But to be honest, the tantrums have subsided and she is rather¬†pleasant. (most days)


My husband has 3 children of his own. Although they live with their mother in Canada, and have yet to be allowed to visit us by her, we managed to incorporate them in our wedding (but their presence was dearly missed) and their photos cover our walls just as much as my own children’s do. Jackson will be 15 soon and the twins, Conner and Kendra are 11. I hope some day soon we will be able to see them. (Maybe a blog post to come on the complications of uncooperative ex’s and uncooperative co-parenting.)


Some would say I have had more life experiences than one woman should go through in her first 40 years of life. (I plan to be around a long time, hope my husband can handle me when I’m 80 and still sassy) I hope my life experiences, advice and knowledge helps just a few of my readers.